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Brainstorm Lighting offers full Lighting Design services. From initial DESIGN and CADto results, Tiago is an experienced, effective, creative, and rogueishly handsome lighting designer based in Boston, MA. 

He got his first taste of lighting design when he was 11 years old, when he got to pick the CYC colors for one of his Dad's shows. He designed his first musical less than a year after that. Since then, he has lit all forms of dance, proscenium theatre, blackbox shows, outdoor Shakespeare, concerts, private and corporate parties, corporate SKOs, GTMs, PLEs, and other TLAs

His strengths are his CAD work, HOG programming, problem-solving, artistic creativity, and his work ethic. 

His weaknesses are his tendency to change his mind, a strong urge to overdesign whatever project he's given, and creative boredom.

He can be reached at RowenPortnoy@gmail.com